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Hygiene Services

Hygiene Services

We offer professional hygiene services to an extensive range of businesses in East Africa Community – including the industrial, commercial and retail industries.

Our technicians undergo extensive training in order to ensure that you receive hygiene services that are effective, efficient and unobtrusive.

Our hygiene services include:

Ablution cleaning, the provision and maintenance of washroom products including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, air-fresheners, sanitisers, paper-towel dispensers, seat sanitisers and more.

Sanitation is more than just toilets, it encompasses the facilities, behaviors, and services that prevent diseases caused by contact with human waste. Hygiene refers to behaviors that can improve cleanlinessand lead to good health. Why it Matters. Globally, one in three people lack a hygienic toilet.

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professional hygiene services

We ensure proper hygiene standards as following: